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What The American College Of Iridology Does


Iridology is a scientific and medical practice with roots that date back hundreds of years. Despite its longevity and host of practitioners and followers, many people still see this diagnostic screening procedure as something less than reputable. To help change the perception and lend creditability to the field, many organizations have been founded to set the record straight, provide training and enable practitioners to enjoy set standards. The American College of Iridology is one such organization.

The American College of Iridology is a part of the International College of Iridology. Both organizations strive to provide a basis for advancing this science through further research, training and the establishment of ethical and practice standards.

Iridology itself is a scientific and natural medicine approach to diagnosis. The practice involves the study of the eye to detect disease and other problems with internal organs. The belief that drives iridology forward is that the eye will display signs of disease before symptoms might appear. The signs include anomalies found within specific portions of the iris. Iridologists believe that the certain portions of the iris are impacted by conditions found in particular organs within the body.

When a practicing iridologist takes part in American College of Iridology training programs, a few things are assured. These include:

• State-of-the-art programming. The American College of Iridology is considered the premier organization in the United States overseeing the practice of iridology. Programs sanctioned by this organization are considered the cream of the crop.
• Recognition of training. Programs that are sanctioned by the American College of Iridology are considered among the best.

Benefits Of Belonging
Members of the American College of Iridology join for a number of reasons. Some of the benefits that go along with membership include:

• Access to other professionals. The American College of Iridology makes it possible for practitioners to consult with colleges in the field and other related natural health sciences. This can be an incredible boon for a practitioner.
• Advertising. Members of the American College of Iridology are listed on the organization's referral guide for patients to find.
• Training. The American College of Iridology offers a variety of advanced training programs in the field. Members of the organization are given discounts on these programs.
• Annual meeting. The college offers an annual congress for member attendance. This program includes a number of programs and workshops on the field.

The American College of Iridology provides a unified voice for this field of study within the United States. Members of the organization are provided with a host of benefits and opportunities for advanced learning.

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